Born 1967, San Antonio, Texas

Lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area


Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Pier 24 Photography

Oakland Museum of California

New Orleans Museum of Art

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Indiana Museum of Contemporary Art

Transformer Station


2017  "Fantasy Life," Aperture

2012  "Running," Kopeikin Gallery

Individual Exhibitions

2017  "Fantasy Life"  Silver Eye Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA                                                  December - February 2018

2017  "Fantasy Life"  San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA                                July - March 2018

2015  "Fantasy Life"  Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                                 April  - June

2015  "Panic Beach"  Erica Tanov, San Francisco, CA                                                      April - May

2013  "Running"  Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                                       April - May

2012  "Running: Part One"  Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN         June - July

2011  "Dreamtime"  Branch Gallery, Oakland, CA                                                             September - December

2006  "Life in the Minors"  Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA              April - September

2006 "Recalling Democracy"  Photolab Gallery, Berkeley, CA                                     June - September

2006  "Discrete Matters"  Zinc Gallery, San Francisco, CA                                            April - July


Selected Group Exhibitions


2017   "Winter Show"  Orth Contemporary, Tulsa, OK

"I Dread To Think"  Dorsky Gallery, New York

"Whitney Houston All Women's Biennial"  Curated by Shasama, C. Finley, New York, NY

"I Dread To Think"  Mills Gallery, Boston, MA

"Light Sensitive" Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ


2016  "Safe at Home"   Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA       

            "Photography Is Magic" Curated by Charlotte Cotton, Aperture Gallery, New York, NY


2013    "The Bidwell Collection of Photography"  Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX

 "Light of Day"  Transformer Station, Cleveland, OH


2012     "Fresh" Klompching Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2011     "Mega"  Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA

 "Woman As Photographer"  Minneapolis Photo Center, MN — Curator: Christina Chang, Weisman Art Museum

 "Wide Open"  Brooklyn Waterfront Artists' Coalition, Brooklyn, NY — Curator: Nathan Trotman, Associate Curator at the Guggenheim Museum of Art,       New York, NY

 "Moments of Being"  Wallspace Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA — Curator: David Bram

 "Perceive and Place"  Berkeley Art Center, CA — Curator: Suzanne Tan

 "Fraction: Three Years in the Making"  Rayko Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2010    "The Curve"  Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, OR — Curators: Laura Valenti & Chris Bennett

 "Art Masterminds"  Project One, San Francisco, CA

 "24th International Juried Show"  Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ — Juror: Susan Kismaric, Curator, MOMA, NY

 "Childhood"  Dougherty Art Center, Austin, TX


2009    "An Idea of Home"  The Photographers' Gallery, London, UK

 "Ersatz"  SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA


2008   "Katrina Revisited"  Superalright, Austin, TX

 "Way Down In New Orleans"  Civilian Art Projects, Washington DC


2007   "Katrina Exposed"  New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA


2006   "New Talents"  Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

"Mayhem"  Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA — Juror: Julie Joyce

 "Currents"  Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

 "Contemporary Photography: New Acquisitions"  Ogden Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA

selected Awards, lectures and related articles

2016  California Sunday Magazine  Portfolio, Panic Beach Portfolio

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            Garcia, Laia, Lenny Letter, "Tabitha Soren Sees Things" Surface Tension Review

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            Virginia Quarterly Review, Surface Tension Portfolio

            Diablo Women Artist Talk, Oakland, CA, May 5

            Chosen AI+AP Best of American Photography Collection


2015  Houston Center fro Photography, Artist Talk, October 2nd

           Walker, David  Photo District News, "Picture Story: Field of American Dreams"

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           Quinn, Bryony, It's Nice That, London


2011  Pollack, Jennifer, Arts & Culture 7 x 7, April

          Cheng, Dewitt, East Bay Express, March, "Dreamtime" Review